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Celsius prepares to release another summery flavor a month after Tropical Twist

celsius summer twist

The Swedish side of the functional beverage brand Celsius is at it again, teasing the release of another new flavor for its flagship energy drink, packing 200mg of caffeine and no sugar. It was only a few weeks ago we saw the company come out with the pineapple, strawberry, and lime recipe called Tropical Twist for summer, and now it looks like we’ve got another summery taste on the way.

Celsius in Sweden has shared the teaser image above, which, as you can see, is very clearly summer-themed, similar to Tropical Twist, although it wears a distinctively different set of colors. Based on that color combination, we’re guessing it is some sort of lemon or lemonade type taste, although we should find out very soon as the brand doesn’t tend to take too long from teaser to reveal.

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