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Core gets into the Star Wars spirit with three limited edition tees

core nutritionals star wars tees

May the 4th is celebrated internationally as Star Wars Day, also known as “May The 4th Be With You”. It is a day more and more supplement companies have come to celebrate, whether it be with some sort of sale or a simple social media post. There are a few that take things even further and put together special edition supplements and apparel.

Core Nutritionals is one of those brands that celebrate May The 4th Be With You by way of an actual release, and for 2021, it has taken things up a notch with three limited-time tees. You can get a glimpse at each of the designs it has created for the day, all themed around and inspired by iconic moments and characters from the Star Wars Universe.

The Core Nutritionals tees include the Mandalorian-based “This Is The Whey”, “I Am Your Spotter” centered around the iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vadar, and a play on Admiral Ackbar in “Admiral Squatbar”. You can purchase them through the brand’s website at $19.99 each, or if you order over $125, you’ll get one free, and you get to select the design.