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Newcomer Day One previews its comprehensive pre-workout Prime

day one performance prime

Australian supplement company Day One Performance has unveiled yet another new product, and from the looks of things, it will be for a slightly more popular category than its other items. The upcoming supplement from Day One is called “Prime”, and it is described as a “premium workout primer”, or what is more commonly known in the industry as a pre-workout.

There are only a few ingredients confirmed so far for Day One’s first-ever pre-workout and they are 250mg of TeaCrine, 600mg of alpha-GPC to support mental focus, and finally, caffeine at an unknown amount. Based on those confirmed features, it’s safe to say the product will have an energy and focus-enhancing side to it, although that is only a fraction of the formula.

Day One Prime is said to have a total of 16 ingredients, more than suggesting the supplement is going to be a comprehensive pre-workout, including ingredients for more than energy and focus. More details on the product will be shared very soon, including its complete list of components, as the supplement itself is due to release in Australia in the coming weeks.