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Day One debuts its comprehensive liver support supplement Tonic

day one performance tonic

The still relatively new supplement company Day One Performance, out of Australia, has completely revealed and released its third product this week with the previously previewed Tonic. Like the brand’s original supplements, Eclipse For Men and Eclipse For Women, Tonic brings a premium approach to its specialist category, which comprehensive liver support.

Day One Performance Tonic features an advanced blend of liver support ingredients, similar to a few other reputable brands and products such as HD Muscle’s Liver HD introduced in March. The compounds squeezed into the supplement are typically sold separately and not often found in the one formula, such as TUDCA, included at half a gram in its full, four-capsule serving.

day one performance tonic

The other ingredients Day One Performance has put into Tonic are a gram of n-acetyl-l-cysteine, zinc, selenium, vitamin B12 and E, 400mg of milk thistle, and another 400mg of schisandra. Altogether, as mentioned, it is a comprehensive product built to improve and support liver health and function.

Day One Performance’s all-new Tonic is available from this week, directly through its online store, with a total of 120 capsules per bottle, intended to last the usual 30 days when taken at its maximum of two capsules, twice per day. To keep things consistent, the Australian brand has priced Tonic the same as Eclipse For Men and Eclipse For Women at $79.95 (62.68 USD) a bottle.