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Inspired puts a full dose of beta-alanine into its all-new DVST8 Energy Drink

dvst8 energy drink

Inspired has launched its first-ever beverage this week down under in Australia and New Zealand, bringing with it not only the availability of the product but details on what exactly is in it. Previously all we knew about the DVST8 Energy Drink was it features 200mg of caffeine per 500ml can for increased energy and zero sugar with four tasty flavors to choose from.

Inspired’s DVTS8 Energy Drink does, of course, have a bit more to its formula than caffeine, which sits alongside vitamins B3 and B12, a full 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance, 100mg of tyrosine, and a gram of betaine. The inclusion of beta-alanine and betaine definitely makes the product fit for anytime energy and performance, although it obviously doesn’t beat out the likes of DVST8 BBD or DVST8 Of The Union for pre-workout.

Another critical detail worth mentioning for the DVST8 Energy Drink is that as well as having zero sugar, the Inspired product has no carbohydrates whatsoever or fat, giving it zero calories per can. That clean, nutrition-friendly angle goes for all four of the beverage’s familiar and creative flavors in Strawberry Champagne, Lime, Fairy Floss, and Peach Mango.

As mentioned, Inspired’s DVST8 Energy Drink has launched in Australia and New Zealand, although the brand’s retail partners in the latter are showing up with stock first. You can head to the likes of Sprint Fit, which has more options than others, with the beverage available in cases of 12 at $64 and four or eight can variety bundles at $22 and $39, respectively.