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Efectiv is finally releasing an amino without added energy and all nine EAAs

efectiv nutrition efectiv amino

Efectiv Nutrition out of the UK may already have an amino-based supplement in its lineup with Amino Lean; however, it’s not exactly your typical amino product. Amino Lean is a hybrid formula, combining a moderate 3g dose of BCAAs per serving with a handful of ingredients for energy and weight loss such as carnitine, CLA, green tea, and a light 100mg of caffeine.

Sometime soon, Efectiv Nutrition is launching a much simpler and more comprehensive amino supplement by way of Efectiv Amino. It is going to feature all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, along with a small 80mg of vitamin C, and AstraGin to improve absorption. Again, Efectiv Amino is much more straightforward compared to Amino Lean, and it is perfect for fans of the brand that wanted aminos without anything else infused.

Efectiv Nutrition has not set a date or rough timeframe for when Efectiv Amino is going to be available, only that it’s coming soon with the usual 30 servings per tub and three flavors to choose from.