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GAT starts a countdown for its upcoming pump and focus pre-workout

gat mystery pump and focus supplement

In a little more than two weeks, GAT is unveiling the supplement it teased a couple of weeks ago that was said to be stackable with the brand’s stimulant pre-workout Nitraflex. We suspected the product to focus more on benefits that Nitraflex doesn’t offer as strongly or at least has room to stack with, although with not a lot of information, we didn’t speculate too much more.

This week, GAT has shared a few more details, enough to give us a good idea of what the mystery new pre-workout will be about. The brand has confirmed three ingredients for the product in Nitrosigine, Hydromax glycerol, and VitaCholine choline bitartrate. Together those features enhance pumps and increase focus, which is likely what the next GAT supplement aims to do.

Whatever the upcoming product is called, it is also going to be stimulant-free, although that does make sense since it’s meant to stack with Nitraflex. To go with the additional information, GAT has put together a countdown page that is ticking down to the launch of its pump and focus enhancing pre-workout, and is taking sign-ups to notify fans when the supplement drops.

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