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Huel spends three years designing its custom and unique shaker bottle

huel shaker

Plant-based brand Huel, meaning “Human + Fuel”, known for its high-protein powder, drink, and bar, has released a type of product that has been an impressive three years in the making. It is something you wouldn’t expect a nutrition company to have spent that amount of time on, especially since most brands don’t even invest that kind of effort into a supplement.

Huel has revealed and released its own custom shaker bottle, and after being three years in the making, it’s no surprise it does not look anything like the shakers we’re used to seeing. You can get a glimpse at the product in the image above, where it almost looks like a typical plastic water bottle; however, in the breakdown picture below, you can see that is far from the case.

huel shaker

The unique Huel shaker is made with premium, durable, and anti-staining Tritan plastic and has a detachable but secure and lockable cap, a convenient carry loop, a 17 fl oz fill line, and an internal grill for smooth mixing. The brand actually submitted the shaker for an iF Design Award for 2021 and ending up winning.

Despite all of the features, the time put into creating the shaker bottle, and the iF Design Award, Huel is not charging an overly high price for its accessory at $13 each through its website. If you’re a fan of the brand, there is a deal going on as well, where purchases of any of its plant-based, high-protein supplements get access to an addon of two shakers for the price of one.

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