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Inspired unveils its exciting DVST8 Energy Drink releasing first in Australia

inspired dvst8 energy drink

Inspired has dropped many exciting supplements and products over the years, and next week, it is releasing what is undoubtedly going to be another tremendously exciting item. The brand’s signature pre-workout DVST8 is being transformed into an on-the-go beverage with the first-ever DVST8 Energy Drink, for energy and focus wherever and whenever you need it.

We only know of one ingredient in Inspired’s upcoming beverage, and that is caffeine at a moderate 200mg per 500ml can. It is that ingredient and dose that has us thinking the product will be more of an anytime energy drink, not so much a canned version of the DVST8 pre-workout. The DVST8 Energy Drink is also going to be nutritionally friendly, having no sugar and low calories.

Right out of the gate, Inspired will have a strong selection of flavors for its DVST8 Energy Drink, including Lime, Strawberry Champagne, Peach Mango, and Fairy Floss. The big question, of course, is how good do those flavors taste? While we haven’t tried any of them, knowing how impressive the brand can be with flavoring, we have to imagine the drink will be quite competitive.

One more important detail worth sharing is that, like a few other supplements from Inspired, such as DVST8 BBD and Custard, the DVST8 Energy Drink will initially only be available in Australia with the US to follow. More information on the product is due to be shared next week, which as mentioned, is the same time the brand plans to make the beverage available for purchase.

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