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LightWhey gives fans more to enjoy in its all-new tubs of protein ice cream

lightwhey tubs

LightWhey is a frozen functional food brand out of Dubai, which we were introduced to at the Dubai Muscle Show with its truly delicious and high-protein ice cream. It is hands down one of the best protein-packed ice creams we’ve had, not necessarily due to its individual flavors that do deliver on their names, but it’s the realistic creaminess that makes it stand out.

The only downside to LightWhey’s tasty protein ice cream is that it comes in small 200ml cups, so as delicious and enjoyable as it is, you don’t get as much as you’d probably like. The creative company is now changing that with the release of a much larger size of its ice cream that’s over twice as big in 450ml tubs, and it comes in three all-new and promising flavors.

The menu of LightWhey’s larger tubs of ice cream consists of Chocolate Brownie, Pistachio, and Cookies and Cream, featuring nutrition profiles similar to the original cups and varying from flavor to flavor. Fans can purchase the more-to-enjoy LightWhey ice cream through the brand’s website at AED 30 (8.17 USD) and throughout the UAE in Carrefour stores.

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