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G Fuel makes an extra tall special edition flavor for Resident Evil Village

maidens blood g fuel

G Fuel is now taking pre-orders for an all-new flavor collaboration of its original gaming supplement, put together in partnership with the video game Resident Evil. Unlike the last time the brand teamed up with Resident Evil, its latest collaboration is not themed around Resident Evil 3, but the most recently released entry in the series, Resident Evil Village.

The flavor G Fuel has created for its flagship gaming supplement, inspired by Resident Evil Village, is “Maiden’s Blood”, named after the red wine of the game’s main villain, made from the blood of maidens. The brand has provided a description of what Maiden’s Blood G Fuel is meant to taste like, and it is quite a unique recipe, mixing lychee, watermelon, and pear.

A unique feature of the Resident Evil Village villain, Alcina Dimitrescu, is that she’s abnormally tall, measuring in at 9′ 6″. To make the new Maiden’s Blood G Fuel even more connected, the brand has also made the product abnormally tall. It’s not 9′ 6″, but it is a lot taller than a regular tub of G Fuel by 47%, and it’s not wasted space either as it also has more servings.

The Maiden’s Blood G Fuel comes with 60 servings as opposed to the standard tub of G Fuel at 40. You can pre-order the special edition collaboration with Resident Evil Village today through for shipping in July. It’ll cost you $49.99, which is much better value than a 40 serving tub, and G Fuel is throwing in a free Resident Evil shaker to match.

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