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Hidetada gets his very own flavor of SizeOn Get Swole in Mango Splash

mango splash sizeon get swole

In February, it was revealed that Gaspari Nutrition is working on a separate series of supplements in partnership with its long-time athlete Hidetada Yamagishi that’ll be exclusive to Japan. Around that time, it was also confirmed the brand would be putting together a flavor in collaboration with Hidetada for its popular creatine-based product SizeOn Get Swole.

This month, Gaspari Nutrition and Hidetada Yamagishi’s flavor of SizeOn Get Swole has become available, and from what we can see, the only place you can get it is through Hidetada’s retailer Suplinx. It is an online store that stocks various brands and supplements, including Gaspari, and ships orders exclusively and directly to consumers in Japan, from the US.

Suplinx is, as mentioned, the only place stocking Hidetada Yamagishi’s collaboration, which features all of the usual SizeOn Get Swole ingredients and dosages in a Mango Splash flavor. You can purchase the product from Suplinx for shipping to Japan at ¥6,280 (57.63 USD) per tub, and for a limited time, orders of the Mango Splash SizeOn get a free postcard, with some having that postcard signed by Hidetada and Rich Gaspari.