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Upcoming Massive Pre will have a unique adjustable stimulant function

massive iron pre-workout

Massive Iron Supplements from Robert Schinetsky and Steve Shaw, recently and officially launched, with stock of its first-ever product arriving and becoming available. That first product from the newcomer is Massive Creatine, a complex creatine-based muscle builder combining tried and true creatine monohydrate with d-ribose, elevATP, and Senactiv.

When we first posted about Massive Iron Supplements, we mentioned it has plans for many other products, including a multivitamin, vitamin K2 and D3 blend, joint support, and a pre-workout. For those excited to see what’s up next from Robert Schinetsky and Steve Shaw, we can confirm the all-important pre-workout is the next item coming down the pipeline.

Massive Iron Supplements is finalizing the formula for the pre-workout in the coming weeks, then hopes to share more information on the product and start taking pre-orders sometime next month. We don’t know too much about the supplement, although the brand has shared a rather interesting detail that should help separate it from its competitors.

Apparently, the pre-workout currently referred to as Massive Pre, will be designed so that you can enjoy all of its benefits with your preferred amount of caffeine. There is going to be an adjustable side to it where you can change the amount of stimulation or stimulants you get per serving, without affecting the product’s other ingredients and dosages.

It’ll be interesting to see how Massive Iron Supplements comes through with that adjustable stimulant feature in Massive Pre. It definitely sounds like a unique approach allowing fans to somehow change the stimulation to suit them, whether it be zero, moderate, or intense for the stim junkies out there.