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Muscle Sport unveils its NYC-themed Fuhgettaboutit Fruit Punch flavor

muscle sport fuhgettaboutit fruit punch

This coming Friday, Muscle Sport is releasing a fun and traditional new flavor for two of its supplements; one is a pre-workout, and the other is its popular BCAA-based amino. The precise products getting the attention are Rhino Rampage, its mainstream competitor in the fierce pre-workout category, and BCAA Revolution featuring BCAAs, taurine, glutamine, HICA, and electrolytes.

The flavor Muscle Sport has put together for Rhino Rampage and BCAA Revolution is a classic Fruit Punch, but with a fun twist going by the name “Fuhgettaboutit Fruit Punch”. It is, of course, a New York City-themed flavor, with Fuhgettaboutit being a common phrase in NYC meaning “forget about it”, and extends the theme across into the overall label design of the two supplements.

Once again, Muscle Sport is releasing its creative Fuhgettaboutit Fruit Punch Rhino Rampage and BCAA Revolution this Friday, including through its online store at