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Nutrimuscle comes in with a huge 100g serving size in its all-new post-workout

nutrimuscle post workout whey native isolate blend

French brand Nutrimuscle is at it again, testing another new supplement with a select number of fans before going ahead and giving it a complete public launch and making it available to everyone else. The brand’s latest innovation is another fairly self-explanatory product, confirming roughly what it’s about in its name with the protein powder “Post Workout Whey Native Isolate Blend”.

Nutrimuscle’s new supplement does, of course, feature a good amount of protein, all coming from premium, fast-absorbing, native whey isolate. While that is one of the product’s key features, that’s far from all there is to it. The brand has also included beta-alanine, magnesium citrate, yerba mate, Creapure creatine, Cluster Dextrin HBCD, added BCAAs, collagen peptides, and glutamine.

We don’t know the exact amounts of any of Nutrimuscle’s Post Workout Whey Native Isolate Blend features, as it is only in testing with fans at the moment, but with a huge serving size of 100g, we imagine everything is well dosed. The supplement looks to be one of the most advanced post-workouts we’ve seen in a while, packed full of ingredients to enhance recovery after your workout.

If you’re in Europe and would like to be one of the few testers of Nutrimuscle’s Post Workout Whey Native Isolate Blend, you’ll need to head to this link here and enter all of the necessary details.