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Mixed Berry to be the first real flavor available for Nutritox’s Gut Joy

nutritox mixed berry gut joy

Gut Joy is a comprehensive health and wellness supplement from MAN Sports’ sub-brand Nutritox that really specializes in that area of the market. Gut Joy brings together a strong variety of ingredients to support general gut health and digestion, help with and reduce bloating, and improve inflammation, making it quite an all-in-one, multi-benefit supplement.

The only downside to Nutritox’s Gut Joy, if you can call it a downside, is if you don’t like unflavored products, you’re out of luck with this one because it is only available in unflavored powder. In the coming weeks or months, that is going to change, as the brand has announced it is finally giving the comprehensive health and wellness supplement an actual flavor.

Nutritox has put together and is now getting ready to release a berry-themed flavor with Mixed Berry Gut Joy. The product is not out yet, but to make sure fans don’t miss out, the brand has created a page on its website specifically for those that want to be notified as soon as it becomes available.

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