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Onnit’s Shroom Tech series of supplements welcomes a superfood infused formula

onnit shroom tech greens

Until this week, Onnit had two Shroom Tech supplements in its lineup with Shroom Tech Sport to enhance endurance and performance, and Shroom Tech Immune to, of course, support and strengthen your immune system. Starting this week, there is Shroom Tech Greens, and as it’s made obvious by the name, it brings together mushroom extracts and greens ingredients.

The mushroom extracts are what make the Shroom Tech family what it is, with both Shroom Tech Sport and Shroom Tech Immune packing a gram or more plus ingredients to support their own individual benefits. Shroom Tech Greens continues that, but it isn’t just any blend of mushrooms; it features the premium, performance-supporting PeakO2 blend at a total of 2g per serving.

Alongside the PeakO2, Onnit’s Shroom Tech Greens has a 2.6g blend of greens, including the likes of alfalfa, spirulina, parsley, kale, and broccoli. The brand’s third Shroom Tech supplement has one other detail that separates it from Shroom Tech Sport and Immune, which is that it’s a powder product, not pill, available in boxes of unflavored stick packs at for $59.95.