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Bradley Martyn’s two Origin supplements get one new flavor each

origin performance new pre and bcaa flavors

While there have been many different supplements from Origin over the years — a brand from fitness influencer and personality Bradley Martyn — at the moment, it has just two on the market. The Origin online store has a stimulant-powered pre-workout and a BCAA-based amino, both featuring reasonable formulas, with the pre-workout including highlights such as 300mg of natural caffeine and 8.2g of citrulline malate.

This week, Bradley Martyn and Origin have rolled out two new flavors, one each for its only two supplements available. The well-rounded pre-workout simply named Origin Pre has been given Cherry Limeade, while Origin BCAA’s is a bit more creative with POG, which typically stands for Passion Orange Guava. Both of those products are in stock now in the brand’s online store at $44.95 for Pre and $34.95 for BCAA per tub.

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