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ProBrands and X-Gamer come together to create a Hyper Beast energy drink

probrands x gamer

Functional company ProBrands has teamed up with fellow Swedish brand X-Gamer, which makes an energy and focus gaming supplement, an energizing bar, its own popcorn, and merchandise. The two have come together to create a special edition version of ProBrands’ flagship energy drink inspired by one of the flavors of X-Gamer’s gaming supplement.

The ProBrands beverage is called X-Gamer Energy, and the flavor is Hyper Beast; again, inspired by X-Gamer’s flavor of the same name, which is a combination of green apple, raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry. The product features all of ProBrands’ usual energy drink ingredients with no sugar or carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and a moderate 105mg of caffeine.

We’re not sure if ProBrands and X-Gamer’s Hyper Beast energy drink is available yet in Sweden, although if it’s not, it definitely sounds like it’ll be on shelves there soon.

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