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Redcon1 makes an entire Sour Gummy flavor series consisting of six products

redcon1 sour gummy flavor series

Redcon1 has released the candy-themed Sour Gummy flavor we shared yesterday for its compact and convenient FUBAR energy shot, although it turns out there is a lot more to it than that. The brand has actually put together Sour Gummy for a whole bunch of supplements, not just FUBAR, similar to its Miami Vice flavor series introduced around this time last year.

The all-new Sour Gummy Series from Redcon1 is made up of six products in Total War, the stackable pump pre-workout Big Noise, Breach, Tango, the fat burner Double Tap, and as mentioned, FUBAR. It is worth noting; Sour Gummy isn’t an entirely new flavor for Total War; in fact, one of the first options ever available for the pre-workout back in 2016 was Sour Gummy Bear.

You can now purchase any of the six Sour Gummy supplements — all featuring an alternative purple and green gummy bear design — through Redcon1’s online store at their respective regular prices. The brand does have a deal going on as well, where purchasing any two of the six Sour Gummy products will earn you a free Redcon1 branded Performa shaker.