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RivalUs undergoes a complete rebrand and becomes Rival Nutrition

rivalus becomes rival nutrition

Last week RivalUs passed on a teaser image of what we suspected to be some sort of new line of supplements, which, as it turns out, isn’t too far off what the brand actually has up its sleeve. RivalUs has shared its exciting news in full this week, and it is a complete brand transformation with a new look and name after having its last look for a little more than five years.

RivalUs is now named Rival Nutrition, and with that renaming comes the look you can see above, pictured on a handful of the brand’s protein powders, Promasil, Clean Gainer, and Rival Whey. The branding is more than cosmetic, as Rival has changed the layout and information on the supplements to make their key features clearer and help consumers decide what products are right for them.

If you head to RivalUs or what is now Rival Nutrition’s website, you can see the rebranded protein powders listed. While it is only those three products featuring the new look at the moment, the brand is planning to roll it out to the rest of its lineup. Rival has confirmed flavor extensions, and all-new supplements are also on the cards for the makeover in the coming months.