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TNT puts more focus on pumps in its all-new stimulant pre-workout Na-NO Surge

tnt mercury nano surge

Rolling out this week to stores and stockists in South Africa is an all-new pre-workout from TNT Mercury separate from its other competitors in the category, Intense Pump, HydroBlast, and Napalm Resurgence. The name of the supplement is Na-NO Surge, and like a couple of those products mentioned, it is a comprehensive pre-workout, aiming to provide a variety of benefits.

While TNT Mercury’s Na-NO Surge does have ingredients to enhance energy, mental focus, muscle pumps, and performance, most of its formula appears to be about the pump side of things. As you can see in the pre-workout’s facts panel below, it has several features for pumps, including a light 375mg of agmatine, 3g of citrulline malate, and 200mg of premium CitraPeak.

tnt mercury nano surge

There are some other ingredients in the mix for those additional benefits with ashwagandha, a small 150mg of choline bitrate, theanine, huperzine a, and electrolytes to support hydration. TNT Mercury has also squeezed in a moderate amount of caffeine into Na-NO Surge to drive energy at 200mg in each of its 20 servings per tub.

Once again, TNT Mercury is releasing Na-NO Surge this week in South Africa and with two tastes to choose from in Red Cherry Candy and Green Melon Candy. If you purchase the pre-workout directly from the brand through its website, you’ll pay R299 (21.35 USD), and to celebrate the arrival, TNT is throwing in a free water bottle with Na-NO Surge orders for a limited time.