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VMI shares the first look at its upcoming stimulant fat burner White Heat

vmi sports white heat

In February, VMI Sports revealed it is hard at work on a comprehensive stimulant weight loss supplement, something it hasn’t really ever had in its lineup. The brand didn’t say all that much about the product, only that it is indeed created to help burn fat and that it was unofficially named Shred-XR, with no ingredients or dosages confirmed at the time.

Three months later, VMI Sports has unveiled an all-new supplement, which is indeed a stimulant-based weight loss product, although it is not named Shred-XR, but White Heat. The supplement is indeed entirely formulated to support fat loss, and this time we have some ingredients confirmed with 400mg of caffeine, 100mg of TeaCrine, and 1.5mg of yohimbe.

With a pre-workout like 400mg of caffeine per serving, VMI Sports upcoming White Heat should pack quite the punch, and those three ingredients mentioned aren’t likely to be all that’s in there. More information on the weight loss product should be along soon with availability expected to be coming shortly after.