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Voss introduces a series of functional drinks featuring Aquamin and collagen

voss plus functional beverages

Premium bottled water company Voss has introduced a creative line of functional beverages this month that come under the name Voss+. It is made up of three different drinks that combine purified water with health and wellness type ingredients. The line brings a whole new functional side to the popular bottled water brand and opens the door to potentially many more products.

The three beverages in the Voss+ family are Voss+Aquamin, Voss+Collagen, and Voss+Vitamin D. The names of each product explain their functional benefits, with Voss+Vitamin D featuring 10mcg of vitamin D in a citrus flavor, and Voss+Collagen packing 10g of collagen and a berry flavor. Lastly is Voss+Aquamin, powered by premium marine sourced Aquamin minerals and electrolytes.

All of the products in Voss’s all-new Voss+ series have no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories, except for Voss+Collagen, thanks to its inclusion of collagen, giving it 10g of protein and 40 calories. Voss is launching the products at the likes of Walmart, CVS, and the online giant Amazon, which already lists Voss+Aquamin in packs of a dozen, although it’s not yet in stock nor show a price.