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Zesty lemon flavor added to XLNT Sports’ BCAA and caffeine beverage

xlnt sports fresh lemon bcaa energy drink

Popular Swedish supplement retailer MM Sports has released another flavor for the energy drink from its house brand XLNT Sports, which is referred to as BCAA Energy Drink. True to its name, the product brings together a moderate dose of BCAAs at 3g per can at a 4:1:1 ratio, and for the energy side of things, you get a very reasonable amount of caffeine at 180mg.

The newest flavor for MM Sports and XLNT Sports BCAA Energy Drink is a zesty, citrusy creation in Fresh Lemon, and like the other options on the beverage’s menu, it is sugar-free and has only 12 calories. The retailer already has the product in stock on its website at 19kr (2.29 USD) for a single can, 229kr (27.62 USD) for a case of 24, and 458kr (55.25 USD) for 48.

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