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ZKK Labs rebrands and reformulates its fat burners Sliced and Diced

zkk labs revamped sliced and diced

To go with its other recently reformulated and rebranded supplements, Zack “King” Khan’s UK brand ZKK Labs, has revamped its two fat burners, appropriately named Sliced and Diced. They’re both designed to support weight loss, with their key differences being that Sliced includes a few stimulants, while Diced aims to help burn fat without any stimulants.

We’ve added the facts panels for ZKK Labs’ new and improved Sliced and Diced in the images below, where you can see the two do include several ingredients to improve weight loss. Sliced features the likes of hordenine, n-methyl l-tyramine, guarana, and 300mg of caffeine for its stimulating benefits, as well as premium Paradoxine grains of paradise for fat loss.

zkk labs revamped sliced and diced

ZKK Labs’ revamped Diced is, as mentioned, stimulant-free, also featuring Paradoxine grains of paradise plus green coffee bean, half a gram of carnitine tartrate, and coleus forskohlii, all ingredients commonly found in fat burners. The brand has thrown in the water loss ingredient dandelion root as well, and to support mental focus, there is a light 200mg of choline bitartrate.

ZKK Labs’ all-new Sliced and Diced weight loss supplements are in stock and available for purchase from its online store, and are priced the same at £29.99 (41.45 USD) for full-size bottles of 30 servings.

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