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4+ Nutrition puts two separate formulas and formats into its latest joint supplement

4 plus nutrition flexodrol

Flexodol + Duo is the latest product from one of our favorite Italian supplement companies in 4+ Nutrition, which is a rather unique two format approach to joint support and joint health. What makes Flexodrol so unique is that inside each box are 14 powder sachets and 14 tablets, both featuring different ingredients and dosages, and designed to be taken completely separate phases.

In the two tablet serving of 4+ Nutrition Flexodrol + Duo, you get vitamin D, black pepper oil, willow bark, and 250mg of Boswellin branded boswellia. Then, on the powder side of the product, there is 180mg of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, manganese, and Fortigel branded collagen at a solid 5g. As you can see, Flexodrol is not your typical mix of glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin, although this is not the brand’s only joint supplement, so a point of difference was needed.

4+ Nutrition’s Flexodol + Duo is available now in its home country of Italy and Europe, including through its own online store, where you can purchase the product for €35 (42.63 USD). The joint support supplement only comes with 14 tablets, which is seven servings, with the idea being you take a two tablet serving every day for a week, then switch to the powder or maintenance formula at one a day.