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Branch Warren and Apollon Nutrition are doing a supplement collaboration

apollon nutrition branch warren interview

In our latest interview on the Stack3d Supplement Podcast, we brought on legendary IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Branch Warren to talk about a few different areas of the industry. We covered Branch’s signature and intense training style, areas of his bodybuilding career, and then a good amount on the brand side as he is an athlete of Apollon Nutrition and an owner of the functional food brand Wicked Cutz.

For those unfamiliar with Branch Warren’s Wicked Cutz, it is a meat snack brand that started out with beef jerky and has expanded in many creative ways, including jerky with different meats, beef sticks, and seasonings. In the podcast interview, he does mention there are some new and exciting products on the way from Wicked Cutz that aren’t jerky, although still related and in the brand’s familiar area.

Branch Warren also touched on some exciting developments with Apollon Nutrition, specifically that he has been working on some sort of supplement collaboration with the brand. He didn’t go into too much detail on that, only saying the two are getting together and coming out with a Branch Warren supplement, leaving many questions such as will it be a special edition flavor or even a fresh new product.

You can check out the latest episode of the Stack3d Supplement Podcast on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts for the full interview with Branch Warren, and it is well worth a listen. It was great getting to chat with the hardcore bodybuilder himself, and we look forward to all of the excitement to come from both Wicked Cutz and Apollon Nutrition.

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