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Bear Eats Tiger puts together a high-protein snack specifically for gamers

bear eats tiger bear eats protein bar

As mentioned many times before, the rate of newcomers has increased quite a bit over the past few years, with new brands now coming to market about once a day or more. One of the more popular categories those brands are entering is the fast growing world of gaming supplements, which is what we have to introduce to you today, although this is not your typical entry.

Bear Eats Tiger is the latest gaming brand to pop up on our radar; however, it doesn’t make an energy or focus enhancing powder supplement, nor a convenient, on-the-go energy drink. Bear Eats Tiger has put together a candy bar that it specifically markets towards gamers, with the idea being it’s a simple, compact, and time-saving health snack to eat and enjoy while gaming.

At its core, the Bear Eats Tiger snack referred to as the Bear Eats Bar, is a typical protein bar, packing a moderate 15g of protein in its 43g size. The product also has 6g of fat, a light 8.5g of carbohydrates with only 5.5g of that sugar, and 159 calories. It is a relatively lean protein snack and comes in only one flavor to start, but it sounds delicious in Double Chocolate Caramel.

Bear Eats Tiger is a European brand based out of Belgium, with its protein bar Bear Eats Bar, now available to order through its website for shipping all across the continent. The product itself isn’t all that expensive at €2.75 (3.28 USD) for a single bar, or you can buy in bulk with a box of 12 at €27.50 (32.82 USD), which is more cost-effective, working out to €2.29 (2.73 USD) each.