Ghost is bringing an authentic Bubblicious flavor to the Ghost Energy drink

Jun 14th, 2021
bubblicious strawberry splash ghost energy drink

Ghost is one of the best in the supplement industry when it comes to hype, excitement, and momentum, so it’s no surprise it has brought a giant announcement to this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo. Two of the star features of the original lifestyle brand’s expo booth are its lineup of releases for the next couple of months and an awesome free sample promotion.

The sample promotion is quite unique, and it changes from day to day, so you’ll need to make sure you can in on the date you like the look of. The way it works is Ghost has put together a different coupon code that you can use on its mobile app for each day this week. That code will get you up to two full serving samples of a supplement; for example, on Saturday, you can get two samples of Ghost Pump using the coupon “STACK3DPUMP”.

As for the schedule of releases, that is where Ghost has really brought excitement to the Stack3d Supplement Expo. Firstly, it has confirmed that it is extending its authentic Sonic Ocean Water flavor to Ghost Amino and Ghost Legend on Wednesday of next week. Then later this summer, it is launching an authentic Bubblicious Strawberry Splash flavor of Ghost Energy.

Since its debut, the Ghost Energy drink has gone from strength to strength, getting better each time we’ve tried it. Being big fans of strawberry flavors, we’re excited to see how this one turns, especially since, as mentioned, the product continues to get better. To check out Ghost’s presence at the Stack3d Expo, head to the North Hall at