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Bucked Up takes a unique AM and PM approach to the nootropic category

bucked up chill and no chill

Bucked Up has introduced a nootropic product, although it’s far from the usual approach to the popular category. The product is called the “Brain Support Stack”, and it is made up of two focus supplements in “Chill” and “No-Chill”. What separates the two is that No-Chill is for the morning or during the day when you don’t mind extra energy, and Chill is for when you’re windering down.

We’ve added the formulas for Bucked Up’s Brain Support Stack supplements directly below, with No-Chill first, then Chill. As mentioned, and as you can see, No-Chill is your more traditional nootropic type product. It features a variety of ingredients to enhance energy, mental focus, and cognition, and includes the likes of AlphaSize alpha-GPC, half a gram each of the mushrooms cordyceps and lion’s mane, and a light 100mg of caffeine.

bucked up chill and no chill

As for Bucked Up’s Chill, that is more for the end of the day or night to support relaxation, brain function, memory, and sleep quality. The formulas between No-Chill and Chill are quite different, with no crossover in ingredients. Some of the highlights in Chill are half a gram of GABA, 100mg of premium SerinAid phosphatidylserine, and another mushroom extract in reishi.

bucked up chill and no chill

The cost of Bucked Up’s entire Brain Support Stack isn’t all that bad at $59.95, with full-size bottles of No-Chill and Chill, and in each of those bottles, you get the usual 30 servings to last you an entire month. At that price of $59.95, when you order the brand’s two-pronged approach nootropic bundle directly from its website, you’ll break its free-shipping threshold of $50.