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GNC gets two exclusive Bucked Up and Woke AF flavors for the summer

bucked up gnc exclusive summer flavors

Bucked Up has put together two new flavors to celebrate the sunny summer season, both for its top-selling pre-workout supplements, the stimulant-free pump-enhancing Bucked Up, and the stimulant-powered Woke AF. Both flavors are themed around summer and intended to be a nostalgic throwback to the relaxing summer school holidays.

The latest creations from Bucked Up are the Snow Cone flavors, Blue Snow Cone and Red Snow Cone, which, as mentioned, have been put together for both Bucked Up and Woke AF. Another important detail worth noting for the flavors is that you won’t find them in the brand’s online store, as they’re all exclusive to the major supplement retailer GNC.

Fans of Bucked Up will undoubtedly recognize any of the Blue and Red Snow Cone products on shelves, as not only are they exclusive, but they also have fireworks-filled alternative label designs. You can pick up the special edition summer flavors from your local GNC or head to its website, where they’re $49.99 for Bucked Up and $54.99 for Woke AF.