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Chemical Warfare shares a sneak peek at its Stack3d Expo announcement

chemical warfare expo teaser

Chemical Warfare has shared a sneak peek at what it is planning to unveil at this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo, taking place in exactly seven days on Monday of next week at You can see that sneak peek in the image above, which shows a fraction of three different products, that all seem to feature the title “The Bomb” and the category “Stim Pre-Workout”.

Based on what Chemical Warfare reveals in the teaser image, it’s pretty clear the UK brand is hitting the Stack3d Supplement Expo with the unveiling of an all-new look for its pre-workout, The Bomb. We can also see the highlighted feature “S7”, something you won’t find in the current version of the pre-workout, suggesting the rebrand is bringing with a fresh new formula too.

Chemical Warfare will obviously be showing off everything about its refreshed stimulant pre-workout, The Bomb, next week at the Stack3d Supplement Expo, and it does make us wonder if it has the same thing in store for other products? The brand’s lineup is extensive and it does tend to do things quite big, so unveiling several updated supplements is a possibility.