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Core puts more energy and focus into its second stimulant fat burner Core Blaze

core nutritionals core blaze

Core Nutritionals has shared the formula behind its upcoming capsule weight loss supplement Core Blaze, a replacement or sequel of sorts to its original capsule version of Core Burn. The product can be stacked with all of the brand’s other fat-burning formulas except for the Core Burn powder, as it definitely has some crossover ingredients, especially on the stimulant side.

The all-new Core Blaze from Core Nutritionals is similar to the flavored Core Burn, featuring a variety of well-dosed ingredients to provide several benefits that help you lose weight. The brand has formulated the supplement to increase energy, enhance metabolism, reduce and suppress your appetite, and improve overall fat loss, all from a rather large five capsule serving.

You can see the complete combination of ingredients Core Nutritionals has squeezed into Core Blaze in the image above, and obviously, with a five capsule serving size, there is a lot. It has a solid dose of acetyl-l-carnitine at a gram, a reliable 250mg of caffeine for energy, the branded premium features Glucovantage, Capsimax, and Advantra-Z, and 2mg of yohimbine.

core nutritionals core blaze

Compared to Core Burn, Core Nutritionals has put slightly more attention on the stimulating department of Core Blaze, although still included enough to make for a balanced fat burner with the likes of Capsimax. It would be a nice alternative to Core Burn if more energy and focus was what you’re after, which is a great way for the brand to separate its stimulant weight loss products.

Core Nutritionals is planning to launch Core Blaze at this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo, kicking off this coming Monday and running through until Sunday of next week. We’re fairly certain there will be some sort of introductory deal available, so if you like the look of the brand’s newest fat burner, Core Blaze, get into the Core booth at the Stack3d Expo this Monday.