Enhanced gives its second protein a more traditional whey isolate-based formula

Jun 9th, 2021
enhanced labs whey isolate

Enhanced Labs entered the saturated protein powder category earlier this year with its somewhat different type of competitor, Protein-Tech, providing 20g of protein all from grass-fed collagen. The supplement is not powered by the traditional whey source, although this week, the brand has dropped a product that is, introducing Enhanced Whey Isolate.

The second protein powder from Enhanced Labs, as its name suggests, is a supplement providing 25g of protein from premium, lean, and fast-absorbing whey isolate. The rest of its nutrition profile is low, with a gram of fat, 2g of carbohydrates with half of that sugar, and 110 calories, and it’s enhanced with enzymes such as DigeSEB to improve digestion.

Enhanced Labs’ more premium protein powder, Enhanced Whey Isolate, is a bit more expensive compared to Protein-Tech, although you do get a lot more protein for your money. The brand’s price on the supplement is $64.99, but it’s a large 3lb tub, so almost three times the weight of Protein-Tech, and you can discount it by 15% using our Insider coupon.