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GlowMode hits the market as EVL’s entry into the world of beauty supplements

evl glowmode

EVL has introduced its competitor for the growing world of beauty supplementation, with the all-new GlowMode, continuing that “Mode” naming convention used in many of its other products. The long-running and hugely successful brand has packed the supplement with ingredients to support healthy hair, strengthen nails, and improve and revitalize your skin.

GlowMode from EVL actually brings together a wide variety of ingredients, all for that primary goal of providing beauty or health and wellness type benefits. The formula includes several vitamins and minerals, with the likes of vitamin C at 90mg per single capsule serving, 680mcg of folic acid, half a microgram of biotin, a bunch of other B vitamins, and premium TRAACS zinc.

There are a handful of other ingredients in EVL GlowMode outside of the multivitamin realm in horsetail extract, alpha lipoic acid, inositol, cysteine, OptiMSM branded MSM, and hyaluronic acid. Everything in the product is open and transparently dosed, so you know exactly what you get in every capsule, and it is available now through at $19.99 a bottle.