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Beetroot-based powder, tablets and soft chews roll out from Force Factor

force factor total beets

Force Factor has released a full family of NO3-T beetroot-based supplements, all formulated to support blood flow, performance, nitric oxide, and enhance muscle pumps. The family consists of three separate products, each as mentioned, featuring a beetroot-based formula, but they’re all separated by the format they come, ingredients, and dosages.

The simplest entry in Force Factor’s Total Beets collection and the highest dosed is the Total Beets powder, a pomegranate-flavored supplement packing each of its servings with 3g of beetroot and 2g of betaine nitrate. Next is the Total Beets tablets, which has those same two ingredients, but wrapped in a 1.05g non-transparent blend alongside potassium nitrate, citrulline, ornithine, and MegaNatural-BP grape seed extract.

The third and final Total Beets product from Force Factor is Total Beets Soft Chews combining beetroot, grape seed extract, and citrulline in a 325mg non-transparent blend. If you like the sound of any of those, the brand’s retail partner Muscle & Strength has just started stocking all three and priced them the same at $24.99, each with 30 days of servings.