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Good Luck Have Fun enters the gaming market with its supplement Pre-Game

good luck have fun gaming supplements

The category of gaming supplements continues to grow week on week, whether it be from already established brands dropping new and exciting products or newcomers to the space. Good Luck Have Fun, which shortens to GLHF, is one of the newest entries in the gaming category and has debuted with the one supplement formulated to enhance energy, focus, and hydration.

Good Luck Have Fun’s first supplement, referred to as “Pre-Game”, features a variety of vitamins and minerals and a handful of nootropic-style ingredients to power that promise of increased energy and focus for gaming. You can see the formula below, including the likes of 200mg of theanine, a large 1.5g of tyrosine, 100mg of bacopa, and caffeine with 150mg of VegiSurge natural caffeine.

good luck have fun gaming supplements

It is not an overly loaded blend of ingredients, but similar to other casual, anytime energy and focus products, it should be enough to get you awake, alert, and alive for a lengthy gaming session. Like a lot of other supplements in the category, Good Luck Have Fun has a selection of flavors for Pre-Game, three to be exact with Lychee, Sour Apple Candy, and Blue Blizzard.

You can read more about Good Luck Have Fun and its gaming supplement Pre-Game on its website and purchase it through there as well at $39.99 for a tub of 30 servings. The new brand does say you can double up the serving, which will get you some more respectable dosages such as 3g of tyrosine, 200mg of bacopa, and 300mg of natural caffeine, but it will drop the servings per tub to 15.