Hosstile reveals it’s planning to release a higher stimulant pre-workout

Jun 15th, 2021
hosstile higher stimulant pre-workout

The last we heard from Fouad Abiad’s brand Hosstile Supplements is it’s still coming out with a dedicated HBCD product, which it mentioned and confirmed was in the works back in March of this year. Abiad and his brand have come out and talked about another supplement that is in the pipeline with Hosstile and similar to the HBCD, in that we don’t know how far it is at the moment.

This time around, the category of product is a lot more exciting than a standalone carbohydrate powder. According to Fouad Abiad, Hosstile Supplements is planning to release a second stimulant pre-workout, separate from its current competitor Hosstility. That product is packed out and well-rounded, including some strong highlights such as 6g of pure citrulline, 2g of NO3-T betaine nitrate, a full 2g of PeakO2, and a total of 300mg of caffeine.

The other stimulant pre-workout Fouad Abiad and Hosstile Supplements are working on is a trend we’ve seen grow quite a bit these past couple of years. The brand is looking to launch a high-stimulant pre-workout, or at least higher than Hosstility, something we’ve seen many other brands do. Some great examples of notable names with two+ stimulant pre-workouts include Glaxon, Apollon Nutrition, Inspired, HR Labs, 5% Nutrition, and Black Market.

As mentioned, we’re not sure when Hosstile Supplements is aiming to have its second and more intense stimulant pre-workout available, only know that it’s coming. The brand still has that HBCD powder product talked about in March, on the way, so the higher stimulant pre-workout makes it at least two supplements we know are in the works with the fast-growing brand.