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Introducing gaming brand Neonburst which also has a pre-workout

introducing neonburst supplements

Neonburst is another gaming supplement company that has come to market this year, although while gaming is its primary focus, it also branches into sports nutrition. The UK brand has two main products available; the first is “E-Sport Energy” for gamers looking to increase energy and focus, and the second is the category-titled “Pre-Workout”.

You can get a look at Neonburst and its two supplements in the images above and below, and we will admit, we do get a Sneak-like vibe from its branding. Neonburst uses similar tones, colors, and tear-away separator from the front of the label to the sides as fellow UK brand Sneak, and it has an animal in its logo, which, despite being a panda, has the same sort of expression as Sneak’s rabbit.

introducing neonburst supplements

On the inside, Neonburst’s E-Sport Energy ingredients and dosages are a combination of good and not so good. To enhance energy and focus, there is tyrosine at 1.6g per serving, a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine, and 300mg of caffeine. There are also some not-as-impressive ingredients with choline bitartrate at 160mg and alpha-GPC sitting at 200mg.

The formula behind the Neonburst Pre-Workout is on the same sort of level as E-Sport Energy, with some strong and some not so strong ingredients and dosages. In a whole serving of this product, you get 1.5g of beta-alanine, far from the reliable 3.2g, a light 2g of citrulline malate, only 100mg of alpha-GPC, a low 150mg of caffeine, and 4g of BCAAs.

introducing neonburst supplements

We definitely like how Neonburst is doing something different with its two supplements, taking on the growing gaming market and pre-workout under the one brand. However, we would have liked to see more robust formulas with everything as moderately dosed as the 1.6g of tyrosine in E-Sport Energy, and make the brand a more balanced competitor in its two categories

If you’d like to get a closer look at Neonburst and its two supplements, E-Sport Energy and Pre-Workout, you can head over to its website, where both of the products are available for purchase in multiple flavors. Both supplements will cost you £32.49 (45.24 USD), which is relatively high for what you get in the pre-workout, especially with 20 full servings per tub.