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Introducing the newcomer Ninja Up and its strong selection of six supplements

ninja up supplements

Ninja Up is an all-new supplement company that has come to market in the year 2021, although the people behind it have been working on its formulas, branding, production, and everything in between for about two years. Unlike most newcomers, Ninja Up isn’t tackling one or two categories; it is taking on the industry with six different supplements, all for popular categories.

The products filling out the Ninja Up family include the title stimulant pre-workout Ninja Up, the amino Ninja Recovery, and the whey and collagen-based protein powder Ninja Gains. The remaining three supplements are the capsule formulas Ninja Burn to support weight loss and Ninja Limitless to enhance cognition and focus, and lastly, Ninja Zen to improve sleep and recovery.

Considering Ninja Up is a fresh new supplement company, the formulas it’s put into each of the products are not too bad. As mentioned, the protein powder Ninja Gains takes a not-so-traditional route and combines whey and collagen. The brand’s flagship supplement, the pre-workout Ninja Up, is another strong entry, which you can see the facts panel for below.

ninja up pre-workout

Ninja Up has packed its self-titled pre-workout with a strong variety of well-dosed ingredients for a comprehensive experience of energy, focus, pump, and performance. It includes highlights such as 6g of citrulline malate, premium NeuroFactor at 100mg per serving, a combined 375mg of caffeine, a full 3.2g of beta-alanine, and 30mg of the potent stimulant isopropylnorsynephrine.

You can check out Ninja Up and all of its products in more detail on its website, where you can purchase any of them individually and in automatically discounted stacks. The well-put-together brand also has a great selection of clothing and accessories for fresh new fans to show support beyond their results with tees, a shaker bottle, and a towel for the gym.