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Jacked Factory puts Burn XT into stick packs and keeps the value the same

jacked factory burn xt stick packs

As it’s done with a couple of its other supplements, Hydra Surge and Nitro Surge, Jacked Factory has taken its powder fat burning product Burn XT, and put it into single-serving stick packs. As well as buying the supplement in bulk tubs of 30 servings, Burn XT is now available in a box of 15 stick packs, featuring all of the same ingredients and dosages as the original tub.

An added bonus with Jacked Factory’s Burn XT stick packs, and not something we ever see with alternatives like this, is the supplement is the same value as the bulk powder. When buying directly from the brand through its website, a 30 serving tub of Burn XT is $29.99, while the Burn XT stick packs have half the servings per box, and it costs half as much at $14.99.

To top it off, Jacked Factory has launched Burn XT stick packs in a completely different set of flavors from the original with three tastes to choose from in Watermelon Lime, Pineapple Punch, and Blackberry Lemonade. There is also a variety pack available for the same price as the one flavor boxes, with a fair five single-serving stick packs of each of the flavors.