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More intense BrainBridge Elevate arrives and features some hefty highlights

man sports brainbridge elevate

MAN Sports’ long-awaited BrainBridge Elevate has arrived after first being pictured almost a year ago in August of 2020. BrainBridge Elevate is the brand’s more intense and stimulating nootropic supplement, a step up of sorts from the original. It’s extremely exciting news for us, as the regular BrainBridge did once hold the number one spot on our list of top five focus supplements.

You can see the complete combination of ingredients MAN Sports has brought together for BrainBridge Elevate in the image below, and it is indeed a loaded formula. The brand has two serving options, a simple single-scoop and a maximum double, and that double is packed out, including a pre-workout like 400mg of caffeine, 130mg of eria jarensis, and a hefty 4g of tyrosine.

Alongside those three, BrainBridge Elevate has several other well-dosed ingredients with 100mg of halostachine, 800mg of alpha-GPC, a gram of mushroom extracts, and a blend of lutein and zeaxanthin for eye health. The maximum serving in the MAN Sports’ supplement is hefty enough that you could take the single-scoop or half serving and still see plenty of benefits and effects.

man sports brainbridge elevate

MAN Sports is aiming for a potent and more intense experience in BrainBridge Elevate and looking at it all on paper, it appears to have done precisely that. The nootropic product promotes the same sort of benefits as the original, in mental focus, cognition, and alertness, plus there is a bit more caffeine in this version, so the physical energy will be increased further as well.

The price of MAN Sports’ promising BrainBridge Elevate is not that much more than the regular BrainBridge for its debut at $49.99 for a full-size tub of 20 maximum servings in the one Orange Juice flavor. It is worth noting the number of servings you get in the supplement; as mentioned, it’s loaded enough that half a serving might be enough to get a good experience, and if you do end up enjoying that amount, you’ll end up with 40 servings a tub.

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