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Candy-themed Peach Rings flavor joins MAN’s packed out ISO-EAA

man sports peach rings iso eaa

ISO-EAA is MAN Sports’ more complete amino supplement compared to its original candy-flavored product ISO-Amino, and it is absolutely loaded with EAAs. Each serving has a total of 17.8g of aminos, with 10.8g of that being all nine EAAs combined and 8g BCAAs, with the other 5g coming from glutamine, then on top of all of that is 2g of taurine and electrolytes to support hydration.

MAN Sports and ISO-EAA are back in the spotlight this week due to the launch of a fresh new flavor for the EAA supplement, introducing another candy-themed creation, Peach Rings. As per usual, the brand has released it with a few introductory deals, where one tub is $44.99, two at $40 each plus free shipping, and three also at $40 each, but you get free shipping and a steel shaker.

All of MAN Sports’ introductory Peach Rings ISO-EAA offers are available exclusively through its online store and are only around for a limited time, so if you like the sound of the product, head over there now.

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