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Metabolic previews its packed out amino Hydra EAA with a 25g serving size

metabolic nutrition hydra eaa

Most of the releases we’ve seen from Metabolic Nutrition over the past year or so have been straightforward products for its simpler line of supplements. In the coming weeks, the brand is launching something on the more advanced side of things with a comprehensive amino product called Hydra EAA, promising improved muscle recovery, lean mass, and performance.

For now, Metabolic Nutrition has only previewed Hydra EAA, which reveals its key highlights, including a hefty 18.15g of aminos, with half of that being BCAAs at 9g and 5g of glutamine. The brand has also thrown in 1.5g of electrolytes to support the hydration and performance benefits and another 2g combination of coconut water and glycerol, to further help with hydration.

While we haven’t seen the entire formula behind Metabolic Nutrition’s Hydra EAA, it’s looking like quite a comprehensive amino competitor based on the details we do have. More information on the supplement should be shared soon, along with the full release of Hydra EAA, and knowing Metabolic, you’ll get a variety of flavors to choose from.