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Super-charged Black Label spin-off of Onnit’s hit nootropic announced

onnit alpha brain black label

Alpha Brain is a nootropic supplement packed full of ingredients to support focus and cognition, and it is one of, if not Onnit’s most known product. While the supplement has proven popular with fans of the brand, it doesn’t feature the loaded list of ingredients we like to see and have come to expect from the now very competitive nootropic category.

Onnit’s original Alpha Brain is a mostly non-transparent product featuring a light 650mg blend of tyrosine, theanine, oat extract, and phosphatidylserine. There are a few other ingredients in the supplement, although sometime soon, the brand is coming out with something featuring a much more loaded or “super-charged” formula called Alpha Brain Black Label.

Onnit has just announced the new and upcoming Alpha Brain Black Label with only a preview and a promising description. As mentioned, the brand is promoting the product as a super-charged spin-off, said to provide faster mental processing and laser focus. We don’t know any of its ingredients, but again, it is intended to be a step up from Alpha Brain.

Alpha Brain Black Label is launching very soon, and like all of Onnit’s sports, lifestyle, and functional supplements, the promising new version will be available for purchase through the brand’s online store at

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