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Blueberry comes to Performance Whey protein powder for a limited time

performance inspired blueberry performance whey

Performance Whey is the mainstream protein powder from Mark Wahlberg’s brand Performance Inspired, which features a blend style formula to provide 25g of protein per serving. The sources of protein providing that 25g are primarily whey isolate and whey concentrate secondary, with a variety of enzymes also in the supplement to support and improve digestion.

The reason we’ve got Performance Inspired and its protein powder Performance Whey in the news this week is because fans of the mainstream brand now have a fourth flavor to choose from, but only for a limited time. The temporary taste joining the supplement’s menu of Natural Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Strawberries and Cream is the fruity flavor Blueberry.

Performance Inspired’s all-new Blueberry Performance Whey is in stock and available through the brand’s official online store, where it’s currently discounted to $32.99 for a typical 2lb tub of 23 full servings.