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PharmaFreak is running a special edition Test Freak 2.0 to celebrate Canada Day

pharmafreak test freak canada day edition

Due to release within the next few weeks, PharmaFreak has unveiled a special edition version of its testosterone booster, Test Freak 2.0, which will feature cosmetic differences from the original. Most noticeably, the brand is giving the product an alternative label design as you can somewhat see in the image above, where the background is filled with semi-transparent maple leaves.

The reason behind PharmaFreak’s special edition Test Freak 2.0 is it’s been put together in celebration of Canada Day, which is the 1st of July, hence why one of the country’s national symbols fills the background. The supplement does also highlight LJ100 longjack, fenugreek, and n-acetyl-l-cysteine on the face of its box, although those are all in the regular version of Test Freak.

PharmaFreak is expecting to have its Canada Day edition Test Freak 2.0 out and available before the 1st of July, and it will only be available in the brand’s home country, for presumably the same price as the original.