Raw Pre Extreme looking to be Raw’s more potent and intense pre-workout

Jun 11th, 2021
raw nutrition pre extreme

When Raw Nutrition recently released its fat burner Raw Ignite, it caught us by surprise by just how potent the formula was. It wasn’t because we hadn’t seen anything like it before, but because it was very different from the brand’s stimulant pre-workout Raw Pre. We were expecting something more on the lighter side stimulant-wise for Raw Ignite alongside ingredients for other areas of weight loss, similar to Raw Pre.

It turns out, while Raw Ignite has a bit more intensity than Raw Pre, very soon, it looks like fans are getting a pre-workout from Raw Nutrition that’ll match the potency and intensity of Raw Ignite, at least more than the original Raw Pre. The busy brand has revealed the exciting and upcoming supplement Raw Pre Extreme, promising a stimulating combination of increased energy, intense focus, and endurance support.

We don’t know what any of the ingredients in Raw Pre Extreme are just yet, but with “Extreme” in the name and energy and focus being two of its key benefits, we’re guessing it’ll be an all-out stimulant pre-workout. As mentioned, the brand showed its ability to put together a stimulant-powered product with Raw Ignite, leaving us quite excited for the full formula behind Raw Pre Extreme and just how intense that’ll be.