Strawberry Lemonade confirmed as the next new flavor of RAZE Energy

strawberry lemonade raze energy

The last new flavor we saw from REPP Sports and its RAZE Energy drink was the tropical taste “South Beach“, which is the 11th entry in the beverage’s delicious, zero-calorie menu. While that was only a few months ago, the brand is already back and gearing up for the launch of flavor number 12 for RAZE Energy, and it’s already confirmed the taste.

Up next from REPP Sports and its hugely popular RAZE Energy drink is a sweet and refreshing Strawberry Lemonade, although that is only the basic, self-explanatory beta testing name. As we’ve seen with many other flavors from the beverage brand, it is likely to give Strawberry Lemonade a nickname like Voodoo, South Beach, Galaxy Burst, and Apollo.

REPP Sports is still very much, hard at work on its Strawberry Lemonade RAZE Energy drink, with several things still yet to be finalized such as the name, look, and launch. We’ll be sure to share details when they become available, but it is a great time for RAZE to build some hype as the return of our Clash Of The Cans contest is right around the corner.